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Tuesday, July 5th 2022


Full alternate-side parking rules back in town today

The “brake” from alternate-side parking rules is over starting Tuesday. That’s when the city’s street cleaning will return to prepandemic norms, more than two years after then-Mayor Bill de Blasio...

New law could lead to more school watchdog meetings

A little-noticed provision tucked into a new state law renewing mayoral control over New York City schools could require a city schools watchdog panel to meet much more frequently. Currently, the...

FRANKLY AMAZIN’ Chestnut fights off protester to win 15th Nathan’s hot dog belt

An animal-rights activist learned a tough lesson Monday about getting between Joey Chestnut and a plate full of hot dogs as the Major League Eating legend won a record 15th Nathan’s Famous...

HOLIDAY TURNS TO HORROR AT JULY 4 PARADE Gunman kills 6 and wounds at least 30 in upscale Chicago suburb in latest U.S. terror

A rooftop gunman rained bullets on an upscale suburban Chicago Fourth of July parade Monday killing six people and wounding at least 30 — with a person of interest taken into custody less than 10...

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