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Sunday, October 3rd 2021


SHOUTING LOUD ENOUGH TO BE HEARD IN TEXAS Abort law slapped as women take to street

Thousands of riled-up New York women, to chants of “my body, my choice,” gathered Saturday in Foley Square to fight for abortion rights as a crucial Supreme Court decision looms. The annual Women’s...

Threat to Roe adds intensity to rallies from D.C. to NYC

The president is different, but the message is the same: Keep abortion legal. The first Women’s March of the Biden presidency took place in Washington on Saturday, with similar events throughout the...

Man found on roof dies, police probe

A Brooklyn man died after he was discovered unconscious on the roof of a public housing building near his home, police said on Saturday. Cops were trying to determine if the victim, 48-year-old...

Agony for his bro 5-yr.-old struggles after seeing sibling slain

A 5-year-old Brooklyn boy, witness to his kid brother’s fatal beating, lives each day with the specter of his sibling’s death. The surviving child shared the ugly details with neighbors after...

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