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Saturday, October 9th 2021


Hotel owners sue: Don’t make us pay fired staff

A group of New York City hotel owners is suing the city over a new law requiring them to pay workers severance benefits if they were fired under circumstances related to the pandemic. The lawsuit,...

THINK OF THE PARENTS ‘Mass’ probes grief of 2 fams crushed by school shoot

School shootings are too familiar a headline these days, with one quickly replaced by the next. But “Mass” looks beyond the tragedies, to the parents left to pick up the pieces. The directorial debut...

Blaz stomps feet on radio over security abuse hits Hizzoner is long on complaining, but short on providing specifics

Mayor de Blasio blasted the city’s Department of Investigation on Friday over its “consistently inaccurate” findings of his alleged misuse of NYPD resources — but offered few explanations for what he...

Sliwa to Blaz: ‘Fess up when you mess up’

Curtis Sliwa, the long-shot Republican nominee in the city’s mayoral race, piled on Mayor de Blasio on Friday over a report that Hizzoner misused his security detail, calling him a “weasel.” As Sliwa...

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