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Monday, October 11th 2021


CHEAP LABOR AT JAIL ‘PLANTATION’ B’klyn federal inmates do duty at guard housing

Federal inmates in Brooklyn are paid a pittance to fix up the homes of their jailers, toiling in a work detail that one former inmate compared to slave labor. The incarcerated handymen from the...

Yet more ‘disgrace’ at lockup: Water, lights & hot food in short supply

Inmates at a Brooklyn federal jail once described by a judge as an “ongoing disgrace” faced new problems over the weekend — no water, spotty electricity, no hot food and staff levels so low that one...

A ‘bomb’ passenger saw on plane forced to land turns out to be a camera

The “security incident” that forced a New-York bound flight to make an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday turned out to be a misunderstanding — after an airline passenger mistook...

NURSE DIES FOLLOWING ATTACK IN TIMES SQ. Mugger on a crime spree knocked ‘angel’ to ground

A nurse visiting Manhattan has died after a mugger shoved her to the ground during a Times Square crime spree and her head slammed against the pavement, police said Sunday. Maria Ambrocio, a 58-year-...

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